Over the decades, Western Hills has learned that retaining in-house design and engineering is critical to a smooth design process and overall customer satisfaction. Western Hills utilizes the latest in 3D design software, while maintaining its ability to bring legacy data into the modern world. We can handle your engineering data no matter what format it's in currently.

For substantial projects having a hand in the design process from the beginning gives Western Hills a longer lead time to solve issues that arise, and it may help to avoid many problems entirely.

Throughout development, after a product has been designed, and as it matures throughout its life, Western Hills is committed to providing our customers with up-to-date information on their product. We keep 3D models of all our products up-to-date, and are ready to share them with whomever you desire.

Laser Cutting

Equipped with a Mazak Optiplex 4000W, Western Hills is able to offer a fast and reliable cutting operation. Overall costs are also reduced by the utilization of nesting software that minimizes material costs and cycle time.
Maximum material thickness: 1.00” Mild Steel, 0.500” Stainless Steel, 0.375” Aluminum.

Punch Cutting/Upforming

Having three Strippit punches and one laser/punch combination unit, we have the ability to be to deal with unique and oversized parts that would otherwise be difficult to fabricate. These machines also give us flexibility for when our customers need a fast, low volume turn around. Our unique Strippit 1500 has the ability use indexing up formed tooling, such as louvers, bead rolling and many other custom up form tools on the market.

CNC Press Brake Forming/Rolling

Western Hills employs a number of CNC Press Brakes that can operate at up to 230 tons with a 12’ bed. We also have ample dies to achieve your desired bend without tooling costs. Rolling is mainly performed on our 4 roll CNC Akyapak Hydraulic Plate Roll Machine.

Tube/Channel Processing

Cutting, drilling, profile bending tube and channel is just the start. We are also very experienced in design, procurement, and processing custom extrusions.

Light to Medium Assembly

Western Hills is well equipped to handle light to medium assembly work of the parts manufactured at our facility. Including but not limited to welding, bonding, and fastening. For heavy assembly work please contact Truck Cab Manufacturers, Western Hills’ parent company.


With a state of the art custom automated pre-paint wash system, Western Hills can wash, prime, finish paint your parts and assemblies.